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The Department of Physics and Astronomy is a center for advanced research on condensed matter physics and galaxy evolution. Each of the research groups in our department maintains an active presence in the published literature, participates in national and international scientific conferences, operates in part or in whole through external funding, and strives for excellence in scientific inquiry and dissemination.

Undergraduate Students:

You are encouraged to inquire about participating in undergraduate research either for credit through a 499 course, as an outgrowth of a class project, or simply for the experience. In some cases undergraduate researchers will be eligible for paid summer internships.

Graduate Students:

For thesis / dissertation research you will be able to select from among a collection of programs that span the major areas of scientific investigation including experimental, observational, theoretical, and simulational physics.


The faculty-led research groups are always interested in pursuing prospects for productive collaboration or making departmental resources available for scientific research. Please feel free to contact any of the research leads for your inquiries.