SPS Activities

Society of Physics Students

The UMKC chapter of the Society of Physics Students is a student-organized group whose main goal is to cultivate excitement and knowledge of physics in the students of the university. We hold biweekly meetings during the semester where the members construct fun gadgets, gizmos, and assorted fun physics demonstration projects (such as the Joule Thief pictured here) in our own SPS workshop. Periodically we design and build large scale projects such as a Rubin’s Tube, an electromagnetic can crusher, or a ping-pong ball cannon. Other times we will plan and execute field trips to sites of physics interest such as the Missouri University Research Reactor. We also host regional conferences, help students link up with faculty for research projects, and host an annual picnic every spring that all are welcome to attend. Membership is free and open to all students of the university who have an interest in science!

As a note: SPS members are eligible to use the workshop for their own projects after first coordinating with either the SPS president, the department’s machinist, or the department chair.