Meet Our Students

Political Science students at UMKC come together from all over the country. Get to know our students and you’ll know what the College is all about.

Andrew Miller, starring in ‘All My Passions’

Andrew Miller, Political Science major


Andrew Miller received his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the UMKC College of Arts and Sciences in 2014 and his Master of Public Administration from the Henry W. Bloch School of Management in 2016. He is currently a Public Health Specialist in Kansas City, Missouri.

Where is UMKC taking you?

I found my passion. UMKC really let me explore my passions. I got to call the basketball games and volleyball on the radio with a headset on the sideline. I got to serve as vice president of student government and I was our student lobbyist.

I really squeezed all the juice out here; I did everything I could do here.

What prompted you to switch your major from pre-med to political science?

When I was 18, I wanted to be a doctor. At that age, you think there are only two jobs, you can be a doctor or a lawyer and you really don’t know more about the job fields so I chose doctor. I’m a type 1 diabetic so I spent a lot of my childhood at Children’s Mercy and a lot of those doctors and nurses kind of became my role models and I wanted to be like them.

At the same time, I like politics and policy. I passed the classes in pre-med but I didn’t care about carbon molecules, I cared about policies and laws and politics. That was fascinating to me.

What are your lifelong goals and how is UMKC helping you reach them?

I’m a political guy and I can envision myself tracking legislation that moves through the statehouse or Congress and say, ‘This is how it affects our hospital, here’s what we can do about it. Here’s my analysis. Here’s how we feel, ok, now let me go talk to the lawmakers about that.’ That’s what I feel qualified for, what I feel I could do well.

Klassie Alcine: Putting political experience to work
Klassie Alcine Political Science Graduate

Klassie Alcine received her Bachelors of Arts in Political Science and Criminal Justice and Criminology from the College of Arts and Sciences in 2009 and her Master of Public Administration from the Henry W. Bloch School of Management in 2011. She is currently the Director of Community Engagement at Goodwill of Western Missouri and Eastern Kansas.

Why did you choose UMKC?

During high school, I visited 10 colleges, both in-state and out-of-state. I was looking for a college with small class sizes and world-class professors. I wanted to have a full-circle experience in education, culture, diversity and internship opportunities.

Were you the first person in your family to attend college?

No, however, I am a second-generation Haitian-American, and I am so honored to be an Afro-Latina. UMKC welcomes diversity and provides a fantastic multicultural office to help students feel accepted and supported. UMKC is here to help you through your life journey. Whatever fear you have – know that you are good enough.

How did UMKC help you reach your current position?

UMKC taught me how to learn and use all of the “tools in my toolbox.” Every class taught me know to understand complex issues, create partnerships, think critically and interact productively.