Interdisciplinary Ph.D.

The Interdisciplinary Ph.D. program at UMKC, directed by the School of Graduate Studies, is designed to encourage students to gain knowledge in a primary discipline of study and at least one or more co-disciplines.

The Department of Political Science currently participates in a limited capacity in the UMKC School of Graduate Studies IPh.D. program as a co-discipline.

Choosing Political Science as a Co-Discipline

Political Science is a seamless match for a variety of social science disciplines including history, economics, sociology, criminal justice and psychology.

Students pursuing a degree in the natural sciences or mathematics may also be interested in pursuing a co-discipline in political science to focus on the political and policy implications of their work.

Those more inclined toward the arts and humanities (especially English, foreign languages, and communication studies) might find an appropriate connection to the study of politics.

Typical Requirements

Students are required to take three political science courses:

  • POL-SCI 5501: Seminar in American Government
  • POL-SCI 5530: Seminar in International Relations
  • POL-SCI 5513: Seminar in Comparative Politics

Students must take additional courses at the 500-level based upon their chosen topic of research.

Examinations will be under the jurisdiction of the coordinating discipline, but must incorporate some emphasis on political science. The political scientist(s) on the student’s committee will participate as full members of the student’s doctoral committee.

Contact Us

Please contact us if you have any questions about the program.

Graduate Advisor:
Dr. Max Skidmore 

Department Chair
Dr. Beth Vonnahme