The Department of Political Science has research expertise across the various subfields of political science.

Our faculty have research expertise in the study of voting and elections, courts, public opinion, the presidency, social programs, terrorism and political violence.

Part of our mission is to engage undergraduates in research and we strongly encourage students to pursue independent and collaborative projects with faculty.

Faculty Research

Many of our students serve as research assistants and even as collaborators on faculty research.

This experience provides students with first-hand research experience, mentoring from established researchers and a way to develop analytical and communication skills.

Our faculty profiles have more information about each faculty member’s research area.

Once you have identified faculty members with research that interests you, contact them to discuss your interests and if they have a spot for you on their research team, either as a research assistant or as a collaborator.

Undergraduate Research

The Department of Political Science also encourages undergraduate students to engage in independent research.

If you are interested in independent research, we recommend that students explore faculty research interests and reach out to relevant faculty for mentorship.

The UMKC Undergraduate Research office has more information on funding for undergraduate research projects.