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Jimmy Adegoke

Jimmy Adegoke
Professor, Undegraduate Advisor, B.A., and B.S.
College of Arts and Sciences

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Prof. Adegoke investigates the role of the land surface as a driver of weather and climate using satellite remote sensing, climate diagnostic tools and regional climate models. Two interconnected issues continue to engage his attention: the direct influence of surface representation in regional atmospheric models using high resolution satellite products; and the feedbacks and interactions between the land surface and various physical components that are triggered by the land surface representation in the models. Since joining the faculty of the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) in September 2002, he has developed additional interests in climate-societal issues, especially cross-scale linkages and feedbacks between processes that impact heat stress and air quality in changing urban areas.


GEOG 215 – Weather & Climate
GEOG 203 – Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
GEOG 319 – Descriptive & Synoptic Meteorology
GEOG 448/548 – Satellite Climatology
GEOG 406/506 – Global Environmental Change

Academic credentials

B.S., Ahmadu Bello University, Geography with minors in Physics & Geology
M.S., University of Ibadan, Geography (Climatology)
Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University, Geography (Satellite Climatology)


Dr. Adegoke’s research portfolio includes funded international projects addressing environmental degradation and climate change impacts in the Lake Chad Basin and the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria. Dr. Adegoke also maintains very strong interest in Geoscience Education and is a passionate advocate for programs geared towards increasing minority representation in the sciences. He directs the UMKC GLOBE ( partnership and the NSF funded Geosciences Education Opportunities: Partnerships to Advance Teaching & Scholarship (GEOPATHS) project.