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Tina Niemi

Tina Niemi
Professor, Graduate Advisor, Environmental and Urban Geosciences, Undergraduate Advisor
College of Arts and Sciences

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Environmental and Urban Geosciences (Graduate Programs), Geology


Niemi is a Geology Professor in the Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences at UMKC. She teaches general geology, a field methods class in the Bahamas over spring break, structural geology, and two Anchor III classes (Anchor 318 From Oil Gushers to Fracking and Anchor 302 Archaeology of Ancient Disasters). Prof. Niemi is also the advisor for the undergraduate Geology degree program. Her research specialty involves investigating the sedimentary evidence of past disasters ranging from earthquakes and tsunamis to hurricanes and environmental change. Niemi’s lab at UMKC, the Geoarchaeology, Paleoseismology, and Sedimentology (GAPS) Lab, is interdisciplinary and incorporates related subjects such as history, archaeology, geochemistry, paleontology, geophysics, and stratigraphy in researching these disasters. Besides the Bahamas, my group has conducted research in Baja México, on the San Andreas fault in California, on the New Madrid Seismic Zone in Arkansas and Missouri, and on other faults zones in Israel, Jordan, Turkey, and India.