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Marc Garcelon

Marc Garcelon
Associate Professor, Undergraduate Advisor
College of Arts and Sciences

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Manheim 206A


Marc Garcelon is the author of the book Revolutionary Passage: From Soviet to Post-Soviet Russia, 1985-2000, as well as a range of articles on late and post-communist Russia, sociological theory, and the Internet and voluntary associations. Currently, he is working on a theory book The Social Web: Human Socio-Cultural Practices in Comparative Perspective that develops concepts and models for comparative analysis of institutional stability, breakdown and change.

SOCIOL 101: Introduction to Sociology
SOCIOL 332: Sociology of Political Life
SOCIOL 357: Social Movements
SOCIOL-ANTHRO 358: Culture and Society
SOCIOL 361: Sociological Theory
SOCIOL-ANTHRO 359: Media and Society
SOCIOL-ANTHRO 441: Globalization and Development
SOC-SCI 5610/SOCIOL 5501: Classical Social Theory
SOCIOL 5502: Contemporary Social Theory

Academic Credentials
Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of California - Berkeley