Meet Our Students

Psychology students at UMKC come together from all over the country. Get to know our students and you’ll know what our programs are all about.

Naomi Britton graduated in May of 2018 and landed a job as an investigator for the Jackson County Children’s Division. 

“I wanted to work with children, and I’m doing that. I’d like to pursue a graduate degree in clinical psychology in the future.”

“I chose psychology because I’ve always wanted to counsel people, and I find mental disorders fascinating.”

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Kelsey Richardson fell in love with Research Psychology and graduated in 2016.

Richardson_Kelsey“I didn’t know I would enjoy research, but I love it. A lot of that is because of my professors. They were so supportive and told me I could succeed.”

“The teachers here work very hard to help and to guide you through your courses. The students I have become close friends with are truly inspiring, so many dreams and different stories, what they want to do, what they want to be. They are the heart of UMKC.”

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Angelique Long sittign outsideThe best advice Angelique Long received from a professor:

Be the person you needed as a child.

“I am studying psychology, and healing and humanities because I want to eventually work as a pediatric health psychologist and work with kids with chronic health issues or in palliative/hospice care.”

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Dr. Jennifer Lundgren mentors Frances Bozsik

Dr. Jennifer Lundgren and Frances Bozsik

Dr. Lundgren has provided training opportunities for me that have given me the opportunity to develop different skills. For example, she helped me to work on an interdisciplinary research project early on at UMKC. I have also worked with her as a teaching assistant, and have shadowed her while she completed psychological assessments—an experience I otherwise would not have had access to at that point in my training.”

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