Frances Bozsik

Graduate Programs

Options for Doctoral Study

The Department of Psychology offers a Ph.D. in Psychology with two options: Clinical Psychology (APA accredited) and Applied Cognitive and Brain Sciences. Both areas have a strong research emphasis and are based on a mentorship model in which an incoming student is paired with a faculty member with shared interests.  Most of our faculty are happy to serve as research mentors to students in either track provided there is a strong alignment between the students’ research interests and the faculty member’s areas of expertise. Check out the Faculty Research pages to see the range of topics our faculty study.


The department’s goal is to provide 3-4 years of funding for students who progress successfully. While funding cannot be guaranteed, first year students typically receive a teaching or research assistantship that includes a 9-month stipend (currently approximately $10,000) as well tuition waivers that cover 9-12 credits per semester of tuition. Students  typically obtain funding for an additional two to three years through assistantships or teaching positions.  There are sometimes opportunities for receiving funding over the summer.  In addition, the university offers various Fellowship opportunities for students and many from psychology’s doctoral programs have successfully competed for these in the past.


UMKC’s Department of Psychology is located in a vibrant, diverse neighborhood offering numerous options for housing, recreation and culture. As an urban campus UMKC’s mission is to serve the ethnically diverse community that surrounds it and this is reflected in many of the Department’s activities. We are in close proximity to the city’s premiere medical centers including UMKC’s own Medical School at Truman Hospital, Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics, St. Luke’s Medical Center, the University of Kansas Medical Center, and the Kansas City VA.