Graduate Admissions

Instructions for Submitting and Applications

To apply to the university and submit application materials for the program, please visit the application page. There you will be guided through the application process, either entering information into our online forms or uploading documents.

Notice regarding the GRE:

For students applying to the Clinical option for Fall 2021, GRE scores (general or psychology subject) are not required, and scores will not be considered as part of the application review process. We employ a holistic review process that includes fit with faculty interests, the personal statement, grades, research and clinical experience, and reference letters.

For students applying to the Applied Cognitive and Brain Sciences option, GRE scores (general or psychology subject) are not required, but applicants may choose to include them. We do not have a minimum GRE score required for admission, and we evaluate scores as one part of a holistic review process that includes fit with faculty interests, the personal statement, grades, research experience, reference letters, and test scores.

Notice to Clinical Applicants:

Please note that all students who are admitted to the program are required to complete clinical practica and an internship, and that some practicum and internship sites may require criminal and other background checks before allowing students to participate.

Important Dates

Application Deadline:  All application materials must be received by December 15th, 2020 to be considered for the upcoming fall semester.

Program Start Date:  Newly accepted students begin their coursework in the program in the fall semester only.

Interview Day:  A virtual interview for applicants applying for Fall 2021 will be scheduled for Spring, 2021. Details will be posted here as soon as they are available.

Acceptance Dates:  Although applicants who are offered admission have until April 15 (unless the 15th falls on a weekend) to either accept or reject our offer, applicants are strongly encouraged to notify us of their decisions as soon as possible.

What Happens After the Application Deadline

      1. Applications received by the deadline are reviewed.
      2. We invite the top applicants to interview in February or March. These interviews are an opportunity for program faculty to meet and talk with applicants. It also provides  applicants the opportunity to meet faculty and current students. 
      3. Shortly following Interview Day, offers of admission are initiated. Please note that the admissions process proceeds through April 15th and it may take the full admissions period to make decisions and notify applicants. We ask that applicants do not inquire about the status of their application unless they have not heard from us by April 16th.
      4. The university reserves the right to notify applicants by e-mail. Please make sure your current e-mail address is noted on the application materials. If any other contact information changes during the admissions process, notify the department of those changes immediately by sending an e-mail to in the Psychology Department.