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Congratulations, UMKC Psychology Fall 2020 Graduates!


                             UMKC Psychology Fall 2020 Graduation Video

Enjoy this video of our graduates looking back and looking forward! It includes words of thanks,

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The mission of the Department of Psychology’s undergraduate program is to provide students with a fundamental understanding of the field of psychology, including its value as a scientific method for understanding human behavior and solving social and behavioral problems. To this end, we offer a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology as well as a Psychology minor.

Major in Psychology

We aim to provide a high quality undergraduate major that prepares students for highly competitive post-baccalaureate academic programs, as well as post-graduation employment. Our major affords students  with a breadth of knowledge, while also allowing freedom to explore individual interests.

In addition to a wide selection of classes, there are opportunities for study outside the classroom, both through research experiences that allow direct interaction/collaboration with faculty in the Department’s research laboratories, as well as applied internships that connect our students with agencies in our community.

Upon completion of a BA in psychology, students will be able to:
  1. Describe major concepts, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings, and historical trends in psychology.
  2. Engage in integrative, science-based reasoning to interpret behavior and solve problems.
  3. Apply ethical standards outlined by the American Psychological Association to science and practice.
  4. Effectively write, speak, and interact with others.
  5. Apply psychological content and skills to career goals, and develop professional direction for life after graduation.

Specific requirements and tools for planning a degree can be found in the UMKC Course Catalog.

Minor in Psychology

Students who wish to complement their major program of study with psychology will find our minor to be quite adaptable to their individual needs.  Our minors have a variety of majors, but the most popular ones are Sociology, Criminal Justice & Criminology, Communication Studies, Health Sciences, Biology, and Chemistry.

Our minor requires 18 credits; the only required course is PSYCH 210 (General Psychology). The remaining 15 credit hours (of psychology electives) can be selected to best complement your major.

For example, Sociology majors often select psychology electives like Child Development (PSYCH 222), Social Psychology (PSYCH 212), Psychology of Gender (PSYCH 305), Ethnic & Minority Perspectives (PSYCH 320), Motivation & Emotion (PSYCH 405), Psychology of Aging (PSYCH 440), and Abnormal Psychology (PSYCH 433).

A Chemistry major might select their psychology electives from ones that complement that major: Cognitive Psychology (PSYCH 407), Health Psychology (PSYCH 331), and Brain & Behavior (PSYCH 418).

Our Psychology Advising Office can work with you to customize a plan of study to complement your major.

Specific requirements and tools for planning a degree can be found in the UMKC Course Catalog.

We welcome prospective students to: