Care centered practice, community building, and social justice

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At UMKC, we uphold social work’s core values of service, social justice, dignity and personal worth, importance of human relationships, integrity and competence

Courses Risking Cancellation

This is notification the courses below for FS19 run the risk of being cancelled due to low enrollment.
These courses need 8 students enrolled to run the course.

SW5532 42065 Foundations of Social Work Practice I SA 8:30-11:00 enrolled 7
SW5544 44002 Family Community Child Welfare M 5:30-8:15 enrolled 7
SW5560 42071 Psychopathology SA 11:30-2:00 enrolled 3
SW5567 45678 Coll Based Practice M 11:30-2:00 enrolled 4

If you need a class for FS19 and you are thinking about enrolling into any of these courses you need to enroll by Wednesday, July 17th or these courses may be cancelled.

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