In the UMKC School of Social Work, our advisors meet with you to create a personal Plan of Study for you to successful complete you Masters with a schedule that fits you. Many of our students do continue to hold at least a part-time job while completing their MSW Part-time. We will make sure that you can balance school and work so that you can pursue your passion. If you are a student and have an advisor assigned to you, you use the pathway portal to view who your advisor is and contact them, or you can navigate through the faculty/staff directory.

Ongoing Advisement

In order to proceed past the initial enrollment students must meet with their advisor to create a full plan of study.  This meeting should be accomplished prior to the time the student wants to enroll for Spring classes.  Students who have not been advised prior to the opening of spring courses for enrollment run the risk of having an advisement hold on their account and may not be able to enroll until they have met with their advisor.


Academic advising is not the same as having a scholarly or professional mentor.

As you proceed through the program try to identify faculty who are or have done areas of social work practice that you find attractive and arrange to get to know them better.  By establishing a formal or informal mentoring network you will go a long way to helping yourself discover the best practicum fit for your interests and ultimately the best job fit when you become a professional.