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Pre-Health Programs

Choosing a career in healthcare is a series of decisions based on exploration, investigation and reflection. Pre-health advising in the College of Arts and Sciences is designed to provide undergraduate students guidance to enhance their preparation for a healthcare career. To successfully prepare for a healthcare program, students will need to continually assess their academic readiness, motivation and skills.

Getting involved in healthcare early through volunteering, shadowing or community service is essential to exploring what your chosen profession is really about and if it is the right fit for you. It is recommended that students meet with their pre-health advisor each semester.

What can students expect from their pre-health advisor?
  • We will offer support as students explore their interests and goals
  • We will provide information and resources on how to prepare for admission to professional and graduate programs
What is expected of pre-health students?
  • Students will take an active role in academic planning, including researching the admissions criteria for the professional program(s) in which they are interested
  • Students will work with departmental advisors in conjunction with pre-health advisors
The most common pre-health advising tracks at UMKC
Pre-Dental Hygiene
Pre-Pharmacy (advised by Student Affairs Office in School of Pharmacy)
Pre-Physical Therapy
Other pre-health advising tracks

Students interested in the additional pre-health tracks below are expected to research specific programs and prerequisite courses. Pre-health advisors can assist students in scheduling the required courses.

Pre-Clinical Perfusion
Pre-Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound
Pre-Occupational Therapy
Pre-Anesthesiology Assistant
Pre-Respiratory Therapy
Pre-Nuclear Medicine
Pre-Physician Assistant

Pre-Health and General Advising for CAS students in any of these programs, please contact:

Coordinator for Pre-Health Programs:
Cynthia Eick McDonald
Scofield Hall, Room 9

Please note: advising for Biology and Chemistry students is offered through the School of Biological & Chemical Sciences.

A six-year combined B.A./M.D. program is offered through the UMKC School of Medicine.