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Pre-Law Program

There are as many reasons to pursue law as a career as there are types of law. Any major in the College of Arts & Sciences can prepare a student for application to the study of law. However, superior writing skills, excellent oral communication, logical reasoning and critical thinking skills are necessary for all those applying to law school.

UMKC Pre-Law Advising offers individualized academic advising and information concerning the best possible path for each individual student, from the first semester of undergraduate courses and selection of a major to taking the LSAT and applying to law school.

Meeting with a Pre-Law advisor each semester will ensure that you will stay on track towards your academic and career goals. UMKC also offers a unique accelerated curricular option, the 90+ Program. Your advisor can review and discuss this and other opportunities with you.

Pre-Law Advisor:
Nick Chappell
Scofield Hall, Room 9