Zippia ranks CAS’s Economics Department as #1

cas_newsZippia ranks CAS’s Economics Department as #1 in their “These are the 10 best Colleges for Economics Majors in Missouri” article.

You know there are a ton of great reasons to major in economics — the job prospects, the intellectual challenge, and the chance to follow in the footsteps of some of the greatest thinkers of all time.

But what program in Missouri offers the most to would be economics majors?

We at Zippia decided to take a look at the data on the 214 institutions of higher learning in the Show Me State to determine which programs offer the best career opportunities for economics majors.

After the dust settled, we’re left with this set of the top colleges for economics majors in Missouri:

  1. University Of Missouri-Kansas City
  2. Washington University In St Louis
  3. Missouri University Of Science And Technology
  4. Rockhurst University
  5. Park University
  6. University Of Missouri-Columbia
  7. Truman State University
  8. Saint Louis University
  9. University Of Central Missouri
  10. William Jewell College

If you go to one of these schools, chances are, you’re not surprised. After all, you know how great you have it.

But for the rest of you — keep reading and we’ll get to just why these schools have some of the best economics programs the Show Me State has to offer.

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